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Welcome to
St. Nicholas Greek School

Eleftheria Xenophontos

St Nicholas Greek School is housed in the Greek Primary School in Acton, W3 9JR in West London. It has been successfully running for more than 50 years, with outstanding, high-quality teaching and excellent organisation.

Our mission is to impart elements of the Greek culture and Greek language to our students and encourage them to enrich their identity and personality. We bridge the gap between communication, history knowledge and demands of modern life. At the same time, we provide our students with an environment with plenty of opportunities for socialisation and fun activities for them but also their parents.

We particularly take pride in our results of the GCSE, A Level and Ellinomathia exams. These results stem from the teachers’ and the students’ hard work.

The number of children in our school is constantly growing and we are proud to provide afternoon classes on Saturday after the morning ones.

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